The history of Behrn Hotell


THE BEHRN HOTELL, by Stortorget or the Main Square of Örebro, is a full modern and newly renovated hotel. The building housing the hotel was built in 1860, making it one of the oldest in the whole city. And was also one of the many to rise from the ashes after Örebro’s extensive fire of 1854. On closer inspection, there are many hints that parts of the building offered overnight accommodation for the many merchants and peasants who visited Örebro and its then contemporary center of commerce – especially during the nationally famous Hindersmässan.


On the block opposite was the city stable and waiting station where coachmen sat and waited for hire. There was also an old warehouse inside the hotel courtyard, which is actually considered older than the hotel itself. The entire property is contained in the municipal conservation plan.


In 1927 my grandfather, Johan Behrn, acquired the property. The ground floor offered, as today, attractive facilities for traders and craftsmen. Over time the upper level took on the form of a guesthouse, with the possibility for guests to take in a meal. In addition, a banquet hall was established and within a few years the name Hotel Örebrohus became a well-known city establishment. During the 1940’s grandfather further modernized and improved the hotel.


Our comprehensive renovation was completed in 1999, with virtually the entire interior, extensively worn and outdated, was torn out. The outer facade, designed by William Renhult in 1913, was kept largely intact and received a warmer, ochre color. The warehouse in the yard was connected with the hotel and throughout the complex, in reverence we chose that doors and windows be made of wood instead of modern lightweight metal.


Five years later, in 2004, I increased family involvement and became, not only property owner, but also even owner of BEHRN HOTEL. We work hard to create for hotel guests, who value the combination of contemporary and comfortable accommodation with the familiar and unique.


The demands that we at BEHRN HOTEL require of ourselves, and which are continually honed, are that our guests will enjoy service and security – and proximity to us. Therefore, we have chosen to remain outside all major hotel chains. This way we can take personal responsibility for our guests hospitality, something that nationwide chains find difficult doing in the same way.


Three Behrn family generations have owned and managed properties. It is a matter of mutual trust. We have built good and long-lasting relationships with our tenants – regardless if they are renting housing, a shop, a business premises or other locale from us. It’s just this kind of relationship that we also want to establish with our hotel guests, and how we choose to run BEHRN HOTEL!


Per Johan Behrn, Managing Director